PROMU (Plateforme RObotique MUltidisciplinaire in French) is a multi-disciplinary robotics platform foundin a lab classroom within INSA Lyon.  

Since 2016, PROMU has been an innovative teaching medium for the electrical and industrial engineering departments at INSA Lyon. With the intent of mutualizing different courses, PROMU has the ambitious goal of regrouping a wide variety of notions around a miniaturized production line.  

Today, the PROMU platform is being developped by a team of 8 students in their 4th year of study in the industrial engineering department at INSA Lyon, as part of their training.  


The goal is to propose a miniature factory plant with a realistic production and logistic scenario in which robotic arms and mobile robots would work together to produce “kits” of plastic blocs of different colors.

Thus, PROMU serves as a support for training INSA Lyon engineering students. It allows them to see the link between different courses taught in their academic cursus.  

Among others, the following notions can be studied using PROMU :  

  • Production management : sequencing, CAPM, decision support tools…. 
  • Continuous improvement : Lean management, workflow optimization, design of experiments… 
  • Modeling and simulation : probabilities and statistics, stochastic processes, petri nets, operationnal research… 
  • Industrial IT : information system design, data warehousing, data analytics… 
  • Industry 4.0 : IoT, 3D printing, real time reporting and control… 
  • Discovery of professional supervision software : SCADA  
  • Robotics 
  • Control of linear systems : servo control  

Presenting PROMU

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