The PROMU Consulting team would like to thank all stakeholders who participated in the PROMU development project. In particular, the team thanks :   

  • Romain Delpoux, professor-researcher at INSA Lyon in chharge of PROMU, for his help and investment throughout the project as a representative of the client but also as a teacher.  
    Eric Zamaï, professor-researcher at INSA Lyon, for his help in setting up a SCADA.  
    Emil Dumitrescu, professor-researcher at INSA Lyon, for his support of the team and for sharing his experience throughout the project.
  • Alexis Deleplancque, professor at INSA Lyon, for his managerial expertise and his mentorship in regards to team well-being.   
  • The Industrial Engineering Department of INSA Lyon and in particular its director, Julien Fondrevelle, for his financial support and trust.   
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